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Club Močvara is one of the most notable club spaces in Zagreb and has been a central point of its alternative cultural and artistic scene for over twenty years. Finding a home in the abandoned space of ​​​​the former Jedinstvo factory, located in the wider central area of Zagreb, in a unique green location next to the Sava River, Club Močvara provides all the necessary technical and logistical resources for a wide variety of events, whether business, social or private.


With a relaxed atmosphere, unique interior design, and an experienced and friendly staff, Močvara’s capacities and spaces can be further adapted to suit your needs and wishes. In addition to our recognizable concert hall, you also have access to our bar, backstage, both our covered patio and an open-air backyard – spaces where, with a little help from our logistics and technical teams, you can create and realize exactly the kind of event you envisioned.


Močvara also offers catering services as well as a wide selection of drinks on offer, but we also give the option of a tailor made menu if you should so choose.


We would like to emphasize that when planning any event, we strive as much as possible to reduce the carbon footprint and help you, our partner, to conduct the event in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner.


All the spaces of ​​​​the Močvara Club are suited for people with mobility difficulties.


The Club space can be used for:


a) organization of cultural events


  • concert, listening party, album promotion, party and ballroom events
  • theater and performance productions 
  • panel discussions and round tables and other discursive programs
  • literature evenings and book promotions
  • art exhibitions
  • film and commercial shoots
  • workshops
  • various other cultural events


b) organization of business and private events


  • conference, presentation, professional lecture and training for companies or organization
  • new products presentations
  • company anniversaries
  • team building programs
  • workshops and seminars
  • fashion show
  • birthdays, rock weddings, pop weddings, techno weddings, darkwave weddings, graduation parties and various other celebrations
  • children’s activities
  • fairs and expos


For inquiries about terms, conditions and possibilities for events and all other questions, please contact us at

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