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What we offer?

Working hours

Summer working hours:

The Swampy Terrace is open every day, from 17:00 until 00:00.

Winter working hours:

The bar is open during all events taking place in the club.

Reusable plastic

Močvara is one of the first few public spaces that offers reusable plastic cups. Our aim is to lessen the toll that single-use plastic takes on the environment. These cups, featuring the design of our long term collaborator and the person responsible for our visual identity – Igor Hofbauer Hof, have become a recognizable and coveted item among our guests.

How it works: when getting a drink you pay an extra 1.40€ / 10.54 HRK, keep your receipt, and after you’re finished, present the receipt to our staff and get your money back.

The Swampy Terrace

As the warmer months roll in and life begins to stir anew, our terrace patio stirs into life as well, shaking off the cobwebs of its wintry slumber, offering you all the benefits of the riverside: fresh air, urban vistas and outdoor activities. Join us after your jog, stroll or bike ride, have a fresh drink, your kids can play, run, juggle, fly kites or play chess, while you chat and enjoy our curated playlist.

Contact us if you’re looking for work

  • Like good music?
  • People’s person?
  • Solidarity in the workplace is your jam?

Work hours: from 5 to 8 hours shifts.

Tasks and responsibilities: ticket sales, wardrobe, tending bar


If you like what we offer, shoot us an email to with your CV and a few short lines about yourself.

Safety in our space

If you experience any harassment because someone decided to “step on” you because of your sexuality, gender expression, different appearance, because you are a woman or simply have a different worldview, please turn to the staff at the bar, they will alert their team lead, and we will get through this bad experience together, with the help our security staff.


Our guests are often minorities, young people, the LGBTIQ community, and subcultures who recognize our space as a place of growth and symbiosis between their own ideas and those brought by an alternative place like Močvara. There is no place for misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, religious fanaticism and any -ism based on hatred and suppression of your rights and freedoms.


It is important to us that Močvara stays a safe space, where everyone is welcome. We do not tolerate anything that will jeopardize this as we want to ensure a carefree and safe atmosphere in the club. We celebrate diversity, and if you have had a traumatic experience, share it with us so that we can react as quickly as possible and so that the same thing does not happen to you or anyone else.